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​​​​​If you've struggled to lose weight and keep it off...

If you're tired of the same old boring gym workout...

If you're sick of empty promises and ready for REAL weight loss, self protection and fitness results...
Achieve your goals!!!!!

You have fitness goals, but you just can't take another run or jog on the treadmill. You are not a hamster! Or you can't take another session with a personal trainer that pays more attention to their phone or others or Facebook than YOU! Or a huge, impersonal group class with instructors who don't even know your name! We have the resources, the workouts and dedicated people to make those goals a reality. Morning or Evening, we've got you covered. Too good to be true? Check out all that we offer. Read More...

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Close Combat and Fitness has Fitness Kick Boxing, Krav Maga Self Protection and Muay Thai, all in one convenient Metairie location with Morning and Evening class times.

Discover Fitness, Self-Defense & Fulfillment... All Under One Roof

Combative Fitness and Self-Protection          GET FIT - STAY SAFE - BECOME AMAZING!

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